i heart QLB! The Families Part 3


i heart QLB, the kids

This is Part 2 of my very special QLB Shoot.  Presenting: The QLB Kids.



I heart QLB! Part 1 of 3

Quality Life Brampton or QLB is a group made up of some of the kindest, funniest and most caring kababayans (Bisdaks forever! LOL) in our town. My connection began with two (Hello, Jeanette and Jo-ann!) right there at our favorite hang-out, Tim Hortons one fine day in May last year.  I thought I heard them speaking the dialect I grew up with so I said “Hi, Bisaya mo?!”  We’ve had so many memorable get-togethers since – walks around the neighborhood, birthdays/x’mas/baptism/karaoke parties etc.etc! I’m so grateful I found them…as there truly is nothing like fun times with fellow kababayans! The QLB Group has been very supportive of me and my projects/shows this past year.  As a “Thank You/I Labs You!” gesture, I invited them to come for a photoshoot with me last weekend.  So grateful they came!  ^_^ Without further ado, here are some highlights from last Saturday.  ENJOY!  


i heart QLB! - July 14, 2014 - 10:02 pm

[…] the most enjoyable photo shoot last Saturday!  Click on PHOTO to see the rest of the wacky […]

Picture Perfect, A May 28, 2013 Manila Bulletin Feature


Ms. Jojie Alcantara, a super talented artist, award-winning photographer and freelance journalist and painter and dancer and comics-maker and and and;)– who’s also my childhood friend from Davao City featured my work on her weekly Manila Bulletin column, Picture Perfect. Thank you kaayo dai! Coming from an excellent artist like you, I feel so validated and tickled pink…picture perfect pink!

Here’s the full and original write-up just for you.  Jojie was kind enough to send it to me.  The MB edited a lot of the good stuff out!



P.S. Big thanks go to Mr. Ronald Jayme, Ms. A’s Picture Perfect Editor. Kitakits soon you guys!


Ms. Jojie Alcantara.   Journalist. Photographer. Artist. Columnist. Workshop Speaker. Specialty: Travel and Aerial Photography


April showers bring baby flowers!



Babies, babies springing into…er…spring!:)

April Showers bring babies, indeed!

These here are some of the precious photos from one very special gathering of family and friends that was given in honor of a beloved sister.

There’s nothing like celebrating new life, made sweeter by sweet sisters and velvety sweets like these!

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